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Master Of Theology (M.Th.) Hybrid Model

 It is a 36-credit hour program with a required thesis. (30-course credit + 6 Thesis Credit hours)
 In the branches of Old Testament, Mission and Church History each subject will have 40 learning/ course hours and 3 exam hours
 Each subject will have 3 major components, namely Residential class hours on campus, Zoom classes, and online classes

Course Design

 In each track, Students will take 10 subjects (30 credit hours) as follows
• 2 subjects in Zoom Mode
• 1 subject in Online mode
• 7 subjects in residential mode (in campus)
 M.Th. Mission and M.Th. Church History department students during the first year will make two visits of each 13 days duration and complete 3 residential mode subjects, 2 zoom mode subjects, and 1 online subject (18 credit hours). In the second year will make two similar visits to complete 4 residential mode subjects and Thesis (18 credit Hours)
 M.Th. Old Testament students will make 5 visits in two years to complete the program.
 Online mode subjects will have 10 live classes, supervised paper presentations, and reflections.

Each subject will have 3 major sections:
• Preparation stage – students will be given primary text (books, Articles) and instructions to come prepared           for the residential classes
• Classroom learning – 25 classes
• Final stage – paper presentations and reflections (15 classes). The final exam will cover all three stages
 Students will be subscribed to the online resources (fee included in the library fee)

Course calendar
o Each Year students will make 2 visits (in June and in October) of each 2 weeks duration
o Class timetable from Monday to Saturday (if needed on Sunday after worship service) will be

8.30 AM – 9.30 AM  Class 1
10.00-10.45 AM Chapel
11.00 – 1.00 PM  Classes 2 and 3
2.30 – 4.30 PM  Classes 4 and 5
8.00 -10.00 PM Library

-> Monday to Saturday – 6 days x 5 classes = 30 classes will include the assigned subject, Thesis proposal seminar, examinations – There is a confusion here. Earlier we say 25 classes. 25 classes is correct.


Course Fee Structure (OT/Mission/Church History)

Year 1st Year 2nd Year
Admission Fee Rs.8,500/-
C Deposit Rs.2,000/-
Library Fee Rs.3,000/- Rs.3,000/-
Gen Fee Rs.6,000/- Rs.6,000/-
Graduation Rs.2,500/-
Hostel Fee Rs.6,000/- Rs.6,000/-
Thesis Fee Rs.10,000/-
Tuition Fee Rs.65,500/- Rs.65,500/-
Total Fee Rs.91000 Rs.93,000
TM Scholarship Rs.30,000/- Rs.30,000/-
Students actual Fee Payment Rs.60,000/- Rs.63,000/-

Fee Payment
 Online fee payment – in 2 installments
 Hostel fee will be paid directly to COTRTS seminary


Course Curriculum

C. Code M.Th. Church History
1 MTHH11 Research Methodology
2 MTHH12 Historiography
3 MTHH13 History of Christianity up to 500AD
4 MTHH14 History of Medieval Christianity
5 MTHH15 History and Theology of Reformation
6 MTHH16 History of Christianity in India
7 MTHH17 History of Ecumenical Movements
8 MTHH18 History of Pentecostal Movements
9 MTHH21 History of Mission
10 MTHH22 Asian Christian Theology
11 MTHH23 Christian Response to People of Other Faiths
12 Thesis
C. Code M.Th. Missions
1 MTHM11 Research Methodology
2 MTHM12 Biblical Theology of Missions
3 MTHM13 Mission and Hermeneutics
4 MTHM14 Gospel and Culture
5 MTHM15 Cultural Anthropology
6 MTHM16 Church Planting Strategy and Church Growth Theology
7 MTHM17 Tribal Missions
8 MTHM18 Methodological Issues in Missiology
9 MTHM21 History of Missions
10 MTHM22 Asian Christian Theology
11 MTHM23 Christian Responses to People of other Faiths
12 Thesis


C. Code M.Th. Old Testament
1 MTHO11 Research Methodology
2 MTHO12  Advanced Hermeneutics
3 MTHO13 Critical Introduction to the Old Testament
4 MTHO14 Critical Introduction to the New Testament
5 MTHO15 Philological Foundations
6 MTHO16 Old Testament Theology
7 MTHO17 Exegesis: Deuteronomy
8 MTHO18 Exegesis: Deutero-Isaiah
9 MTHO19 Exegesis: Psalms
10 MTHO20 Second Temple Literature
11 MTHO21 Advanced Homiletics
Comprehensive Exam
12 Thesis




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