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Bachelor Of Theology

The B.Th. program aims to provide adequate ministerial training to candidates in order to equip them for effective Christian service.

Qualifications for Admission :

  • Candidates must comply with section 12.
  • Candidates must have successfully completed pre-university course or its equivalent.
  • Candidates who are awaiting results may also apply.  Such candidates must produce the proofs of successful completion before the end of the first year at COTR Bible College in India .
  • 10th standard pass candidates who have successfully completed a two-year diploma program from a recognized Theological Institution can also apply.

Duration :

B. Th. is a three-year program for those candidates with pre-university course pass certificate and two-year program for candidates who have achieved II Class in Diploma in Theology from an ATA accredited institution.

Graduation Requirements :

  • Successful completion of 108 credit hours
  • Satisfactory field ministry involvement
  • Satisfactory formation of character, spirituality & ministry



B.Th  2019-2020

1st Yr

2nd yr

3rd yr

Admission Fee Rs.5,000/-    
C Deposit Rs.2,000/-    
Library Fee Rs.2,500/-  Rs.2,500/-  Rs.2,500/-
Gen Fee Rs.3,000/-  Rs.3,000/- Rs.3,000/-
Graduation     Rs.2,000/-
Hostel Fee Rs.28,500/- Rs.28,500/- Rs.28,500/-
Tuition Fee Rs.37,500/- Rs.37,500/- Rs.37,500/-
Total Fee Rs.78,500/- Rs.71,500/- Rs.73,500/-
TM Scholarship Rs.35,500/- Rs.25,500/- Rs.26,500/-
Students actual Payment Rs.43,000/- Rs.46,000/- Rs.47,000/-



Installment 1st Yr 2nd Yr 3rd Yr
June 5th Rs.23,000/- Rs.26,000/- Rs.27,000/-
Sep 5th  Rs.10,000/- Rs.10,000/- Rs.10,000/-
Jan 5th  Rs.10,000/- Rs.10,000/- Rs.10,000/-


Total Fee Rs.78,500/- Rs.71,500/- Rs.73,500/-
Deduct H Fee Rs.28,500/- Rs.28,500/- Rs.28,500/-
Deduct TMS Rs.32,500/- Rs.30,000/- Rs.29,000/-
Final Fee Rs.30,000/- Rs.25,000/- Rs.28,000/-


Final Fee Rs.30,000/- Rs.25,000/- Rs.28,000/-
June 5th Rs.20,000/- Rs.15,000/- Rs.18,000/-
Sep 5th Rs.5,000/- Rs.5,000/- Rs.5,000/-
Jan 5th Rs.5,000/- Rs.5,000/- Rs.5,000/-

Payment of Fees :   

Student/Sponsor can either make direct deposits from your accounts OR make cash deposit and bring the chalan to confirm payment at the office OR by DD/Check(Including the processing fees) in the name of COTR College of Ministries. If payment is done by NEFT or RTGS, the transaction code must be submitted to the office Application and Prospectus fees are to be paid during the request for the same. Students should clear all fees and dues in full before the final examination. The College reserves the rights to revise the fee structure as and when considered necessary.

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