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Ph.D (Missiology)

Purpose and Nature 

This program is primarily designed to qualify and empower the post-graduates to function as research specialists in the field of biblical, theological and missiological studies. The program will include seminars, comprehensive examination and dissertation. 

Qualifications for Admission

1. Successful completion of a Master of Theology degree (M. Th.) in Missiology or its equivalent from a recognized college/university with a B+ or a high   second division or above.
2. Five years of experience in ministry/mission and/or teaching are required.
3. Evidence of scholarly research and theological/missiological reflection are required.

Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of assessment papers as a preparation towards writing dissertation.
  • Successful completion of a scholarly dissertation of 60,000-75,000 words that reflects original research.
  • An assessment of character and spiritual development that meets set requirements/standards


It is offered both in the residential mode and non-residential mode (option given to the students) and the duration of study is 4-6 years.

During the first two years there will be four residential sessions (each will be for 10 to 12 days) and the course details are as follows:

  • Research Methodology
  • Paper Presentation on Methodology
  • Seminar and paper presentation on Contemporary Issues in Missiology
  • Paper presentation related to the area of study (Dissertation)

Candidates will go through the exercise of dissertation proposal presentation to the panel of experts (each candidate will have a separate doctoral committee) and work on the dissertation with the mentors.

The residential (four sessions) program will be for two years and four years would be to complete the dissertation.

During the course of study the candidates will be asked to present papers to the M.Th. class and also to attend seminars/conferences/consultation both at the national and international level in the field of missiology.

The Fee structure

(Fee for Non Residential program)*

    First yr Second  yr Third  yr Fourth yr
1 Admission & Registration Rs.6,000/-
2 Caution deposit Rs.2,000/-
3 Tuition fee Rs.50,000/- Rs.55,000/- Rs.55,000/- Rs.55,000/-
4 Administration Fee** Rs.10,000/- Rs.12,000/- Rs.12,000/-  Rs.12,000/- 
  Total Fee Rs.68,000/- Rs.67,000/- Rs.67,000/- Rs.67,000/-

If students do not complete the course within four years, tuition fees will be extended in negotiation with the student and administration.

For beyond 4th Year each year to pay additionally Rs. 30,000/-


First year Second year Third year Fourth year
June 38,000 37,000 37,000 37,000
January 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000

(* Residential sessions includes yearly hostel fee of Rs. 8,000/=
** includes library fee, development fee, exam fee, journal, alumni, graduation, transcript Thesis fee, etc. divided into all 4 years


  • Each seminar (residential secession) is for 11 to 12 days
  • Each seminar requires preparation such as Book reviews, paper presentation etc…

Payment of Fees :   

Student/Sponsor can either make direct deposits from your accounts OR make cash deposit and bring the chalan to confirm payment at the office OR by DD/Check(Including the processing fees) in the name of COTR College of Ministries. If payment is done by NEFT or RTGS, the transaction code must be submitted to the office.  Students should clear all fees and dues in full before the final examination. The College reserves the rights to revise the fee structure as and when considered necessary.

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