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COTR Global Online(GO)
Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) Program

COTRTS-GO provides a , hybrid model of D. Min. program to enable and equip Christian leaders, pastors, lay leaders and professionals to upgrade their theological education with a professional doctoral degree.

The Objectives of the Program

 To provide opportunities to explore in-depth a particular area of interest in ministry.
 To enhance the professional depth and direction; gain theological knowledge and understanding with developing skills for relevant practices of ministry/mission
 To acquire knowledge, critical insights, and skills to leadership within the Church and the community at-large.
 To enhance the ability to think theologically/missiologically about contemporary ministry/mission challenges.
 To develop skills in high-level applied biblical research in a significant/ ones focused area of ministry/mission.
Program Overview

The COTRTS-GO D. Min. program, with a specialization in Missiology and Ministry, is designed for professionals, lay leaders, Christian leaders, pastors, and those who work in Christian NGOs to pursue higher theological studies within the span of three to five years. This doctoral program ensures that students will excel both in academic and field research. It follows a hybrid model with online and on-campus training to study while remaining in their workplace and make a few visits to the campus to attend a few modules and use the library resources.


1. Those with M.Div., BD, and M.Th. from ATA or Serampore with at least a B grade or its equivalent
2. A minimum of 5 years of ministry experience in Church or any ministry
3. A lay leader who is making significant contribution to the ministries of the church, who is interested in higher theological education.
4. A sponsorship letter from their Church or organization, or family
5. Passing Entrance examination and interview

Course Requirement

The whole course comprises of 45 credit hours, with ten modules and a thesis.
1. Research Methodology (3 credits)
2. Five Specialised courses (15 credits)
3. One elective course (Reading course/independent research) (3 credits)
4. Comprehensive Exam (3 credits)
5. Teaching Practicum (3 credits)
6. Thesis Proposal and Defence (3 credits)
7. Thesis Writing and Viva Voce (15 credits)
Each module will have 120 learning hours, including class lectures, readings, writing papers and discussions.
The thesis should be 35000 to 40000 words in length with 1.5 line spacing. Students should be in touch with the assigned Mentor/Supervisor and the Dean.

Five Specialized courses

Ministry Major
1. Biblical/Theological Foundations for Ministry
2. Contemporary Issues in Ministry
3. Pastoral Counselling
4. Homiletics
5. Christian Leadership
Missiology Major
1. Biblical and Theological Foundations for Missions
2. Missions in Context
3. Selected issues in the History of Missions
4. Homiletics
5. Christian Leadership
ONE elective course (can be) – From the list below , students can select a topic, and get it approved by the D. Min. committee
1. Women in Ministry
2. Child abuse/labour
3. HIV/AIDS – Ministering to them
4. Religious Pluralism and Christian Response
5. Conversion, Ghar Vapsi and Re-conversion
6. Persecution and Suffering
7. Local Church and Mission
8. Christian Responses to the Ecology
9. Dalit Issues
10. Tribal Issues
11. Fundamentalism and Communalism
12. Minority Rights and Reservation
13. Caste in the Church
14. Any topic of particular interest to the students

Accommodation and Library
Students are welcome to stay on the campus in Dorathota and avail themselves of library facilities at affordable cost.

Program Design
During the first two years, there will be four residential sessions (each will be for 10 to 12 days), and the course details are as follows:
• Research Methodology
• Paper Presentation on Methodology
• Seminar and paper presentation on Contemporary Issues in Missiology/Ministry
• Paper presentation related to the area of study (Dissertation)
Candidates will go through the exercise of dissertation proposal presentation to the panel of experts (each candidate will have a separate doctoral committee) and work on the dissertation with the mentors.
The residential (four sessions) program will be for two years and the remaining two years to complete the dissertation.
During the study, the candidates will be asked to present papers to the M.Th. Class and attend seminars/conferences/consultations both at the national and international level in ministry/missiology.

Program Duration
A student who cannot complete their dissertation project within the stipulated time of four years from the date of registration may apply for an extension to the Academic Dean, COTRTS, before the expiry of the registration with the endorsement from their Supervisor. The extension of registration shall depend upon the decision of the “Doctoral Committee.” A student may be granted a maximum of a 1-year extension. The extension fee will be collected in such cases as per the policy of the seminary.

D. Min. Fee

Year I

1 Admission 3000
2 Orientation Seminar Fee 9000
3 Research Methodology Seminar Fee  9000
4 Foundational course 1 Fee 9000
5 Elective Course 1 fee 9000
6 Total 39,000.00

Year II

1 Foundational course 2 Fee 9000
2 Foundational course 3 Fee 9000
3 Practicum Course Fee 9000
4 Thesis proposal seminar fee 9000
5 Total 36,000.00

Year III

1 Foundational course 4 Fee 9000
2 Foundational course 5 Fee 9000
3 Foundational Course 6 Fee 9000
4 Total 27,000.00

Year IV (Final Year)

1 Thesis Fee  30,000.00
2 Transcript Fee  2,000.00
3 Graduation Fee  30,00.00
4 Total  35,000.00
TOTAL FEE  1,37,000.00

Year V

1 Course Extension Fee  10,000.00
2 Thesis Late Fee  10,000.00

During the visit to the campus, boarding and lodging fee of Rs. 200 per day will be collected as per the policy of the seminary
Fee Payment Mode
Online payment: 1st Instalment in June 2nd and Final Instalment in November
In the process of ATA accreditation
Direction for Application
* Apply online at >< With supporting documents and an application fee of Rs. 500.00
* Wait for reply and instructions regarding the interview and examination
Contact and Address
* Website:
* Email Enquiry 1><
* E mail Enquiry 2: : > <
* 8149724616/9443887229



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