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Bachelor of Theology – 3 ½ Years

Target Group

Pastors, missionaries, evangelists, professionals any Christian workers, laity and working people interested in theological studies.

Entry requirements:

+2 or its equivalent or mature candidates with a minimum of 10 years ministry experience with SSC or its equivalent. Mature candidates (above the age of 25) should write three qualifying exams to prove their competency to do B. Th.

Academic Requirements

B.Th. – 36 Courses

– A student after registration into the program will complete the 20 hours of lectures for each course. The lectures are recorded. Students can access at their own free time.

– For each lecture, there will be a follow up assignment and that need to be submitted.

– Syllabus, reading materials and assignments would be provided to the students as a follow up to do the course.

– The total hour of study per subject is 120 for M. Div. and 90 for B. Th. The course would include reading, writing papers, assignments and each subject will have some ministry components.

– The exam will be Open Book Exam pattern. Those who fail to acquire 40 percent (pass) will have to retake the exam. Those who fail in retake must redo the course.

– Each student should find a mentor (living nearby) with M.Div. qualification (if possible M.Th.) to discuss the subject matters and ministry/spiritual formation. A qualified and experienced pastor would be more than sufficient with needed theological qualification.

– Student should complete all the course requirements such as assignments, field reports and exams to complete the course.

Admission Process

COTRTS-GO accepts students of all race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, denomination and status without any discrimination.
In keeping with the above philosophy, we give due regard to the following:
● The applicant must be a born again and baptized Christian and a member in good standing with his/her church with a commitment to discipleship.
● The applicant feel the call to God’s service wherever they are placed in the full time ministry or secular/market place.
● The candidate must be able to do his/her studies in the English.

Documents Required for Admission

The duly filled application must be uploaded along with the followings:
● Self – attested copies of all academic records.
● A one full-page (A4 size) testimony in English, in candidates own handwriting.
● Financial undertaking form.

Admission of Transfer Students

Following criteria will be observed in admitting transfer students:
● Required academic qualifications pertaining to the course applied.
● Official transcript of the academic performance from the previous institution.
● Recommendation, and Confidential reports, from the Pastor of the local church.
● A special character certificate and “No Objection Certificate” from the head of the institution last studied.


– This program is to encourage pastors, professionals, Christian workers and interested laities by equipping them with a substantiate, academic as well as mission-oriented courses so that it will help them to engage within the Indian Church more effectively.
– This is not a correspondence course, rather equivalent to regular, recognized, and academic degrees.
– Students will be provided with a compendium (compiled materials from books and articles) and textbooks for each subject that can be downloaded from COTRTS- GO web site
– Academic activities and the courses are inbuilt with special emphasis on Spiritual formation, ministry skill development, practical dimension and mission focus.




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